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Image by Etienne Girardet


March 15th

Panelist Session 'Knit's Island'

InScience is an international science film festival hosted in Nijmegen. 

This session will follow a showing of the movie 'Knit's Island' which was recorded in the survival game DayZ. The session will talk about the appeal of roleplaying games.

October 26th - Amsterdam

Round table 7 presenter: Spiegelstem - a new way to express and cope with emotions

This conference presents relevant developments in the sector through keynotes, panel discussions, and roundtables. In various interactive sessions, professionals in children's media and other related fields share their experiences, ideas, and points of discussion.  

October 11th - Vechtclub XL Utrecht

Speaker (met Niki Smit): "Using play to (re) write your own narrative"

In de vertellers sessies worden Utrechtse verhalenmakers uitgenodigd om de grenzen van hun vakgebied te verkennen met inspirerende gasten. Deze editie zal gaan over het overbrengen van emotie. Hoe doe je het?  Wanneer gebruik je het? Welke emotie is mooi, en wanneer gaat het over het randje? 

July 14th-21st - New York City

Panelist "Designing Immersive Biofeedback Experiences to Understand and Manage our wellbeing"

Games for Change is a festival about immersive media created to address real-world challenges, create empathy, and drive social change.

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May 31st - June 2nd - SANTA CLARA

Panelist - "How virtual worlds are transforming mental health"

AWE hosts a series of major conferences and exhibitions (USA, EU, Asia) featuring leading XR companies and speakers 

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May 20th - UTRECHT

Spiegelstem demo

CTRL+ALT+ PLAY is an event hosted by the Innovation Lab of the Utrecht Theatre showcasing revolutionary digital theatre experiences

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