A meditative virtual reality game
controlled by deep diaphragmatic breathing

As part of my PhD at the GEMH lab of the Radboud University, I conducted multiple studies on the efficacy of DEEP as an anxiety regulation tool including a Randomized Controlled Trial. I also wrote a viewpoint paper with guidelines for the research and design of biofeedback interventions.

We are currently working hard to bring DEEP to the masses and I am assisting the DEEP team by facilitating new collaborations with care partners and exploring other ways in which DEEP could contribute to people's wellbeing.


A multi-media installation which helps youth to express and manage their feelings in a creative Way

Spiegelstem aims to provide a safe and playful environment for youth to cope with anger and restlessness. Youth can express their emotions by using their voice and movement which is translated to a visual painting. The project is developed in co-creation with youths and health professionals from residential care and special education. 

In this project I assist the team by formulating and monitoring development goals and assessing the efficacy and practicality of the installation. 


A virtual reality project that allows participants to discover and choreograph their inner world

This project led by Niki Smit and Sarah Ticho combines immersive storytelling, neuroscience and play. Participants receive a variety of creative tools to visualize their embodied emotional experience on a 3D body. In addition, participants are given the opportunity to interact and even dance with their creation.

In this project I function as a science consultant